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Now here is the blurb:- Alexi, best selling author of Β the Greek Village Collection was born in Oxford, England. She has travelled widely and now spends much of her time in a tiny rural village in the Peloponnese, in Greece, where she is (very slowly!) renovating a ruined stone farmhouse, whilst observing the Greek way of life and absorbing the culture, to enrich her vision for both writing and painting.

Sara began writing later in life. In school English lessons were a time of confusion, books indecipherable hieroglyphics. Dyslexia was not well understood then and no support was available. The joy of reading and writing were cancelled by the teacher’s red pen …

Despite her dyslexia Sara qualified as a psychotherapist and ran her own practice for years. Her artistic nature was, at that time, confined to painting and she exhibited widely.

CattyIn a casual conversation with a client she discovered that Agatha Christie, Jules Verne and Hans Christian Andersen were all dyslexic, and Sara’s perspective changed. The world of fiction opened to her with this shift in perception and she has been a prolific writer ever since.

Her ‘Greek Village Collection.’ has been very well received and provides a keenly observed, compassionate insight into, above all, people and, secondly the Greek culture, as well as the human condition in general.

Although the Greek Village Collection can be read in any order why not start with the first one ‘The Illegal Gardener.’ Here is a link to buy it;

42 thoughts on “Sara Alexi – Author

  1. I d/led “Illegal Gardener” from Amazon and LOVED it but have no idea how to post a review of it. I’d really like others to read your lovely book, so if you could tell me how to post a good review, I’d be grateful.

      • I am enjoying this series so far except for one thing – this third book isn’t well edited! I am about halfway through book#3 and the names of Manolis & Mitsos are switched at least half a dozen times! Since the story goes back and forth between time periods, I think the time frame has changed, become confused, re-read using the other man’s name to figure out what’s going on.

        It seems an easy typo to catch as often it’s within the same paragraph.

        Of this had happened in the first book I would not be reading a third! Since the stories are so good it seemed worth sending a message.

        By the way, overcoming your dyslexic issues gives me great hope that my own dyslexic daughter might someday find as much enjoyment reading as I do.

        Do you think it just got easier as you got older? She is 18 and still looks at the written word as her enemy. Heartbreaking for a mother who reads voraciously.

      • Dear Sandy,
        Thank you so much for your thoughtful message. I am sorry for the delayed reply but I have only just sen this message.
        I so feel for your daughter. I was no diagnosed until i had left school so I was just labelled ‘dumb’ at least your daughter has the advantage of knowing what she is dealing with. She will find that it gives her strength in finding alternative ways of understanding things. I ‘blame’ my dyslexia for allowing me to think out of the box.
        Modern technology has been a great help to me and I imagine that as we continue to improve our technologies she will find programmes to help her more and more. Eventually there will be predictive text and corrections based on individuals ‘mistakes’ which will be a huge break through.
        Many thanks once again for you kind feedback. If you are a facebook user i would be delighted if you would friend me;

  2. Hi Sara, I really hope you read this. I love Victoria Hislop and ‘The Island’ of course, I was browsing my kindle (not use to it) and hit the button by accident (a happy one) and got your book ‘The Illegal Gardener’ I just loved it. I had gone to Corfu just a few weeks on my own, (love Greece, 42 years since I had been there) and so enjoyed reading your book, that I downloaded all of them and read them, it was even better reading them in Greece, as I felt everything, area, atmosphere, people, just like you described. I have told all my friends about you. I think you are like the great late Maeve Binchy, but set in Greece. Keep writing. I long to live in Greece, but as I am getting long in the tooth don’t think I have your guts. Best of wishes just loved your writing. Catherine Porter,

    • Dear Catherine,
      I think the internet is playing tricks with me as I have only just seen this message and yet the date is 2013!! By English time scales this is a belated reply. By Greek time scales it is about right πŸ™‚
      How wonderful to be along side Maeve Binchy in your mind, a truly entertaining writer. I am so glad the series is giving you that much joy, If you read this message after such a long period of silence from me please do friend me on Facebook as I update progress on the books I am writing and also often have give aways of new releases.
      By the way I think you would have to be very, very long in the tooth not to find a move to Greece a fulfilling one. I feel blessed with every day I am here.

  3. I just finished “The Illegal Gardener” and wanted to tell you that I LOVED it! What a complex and moving relationship you portrayed so convincingly! Congratulations on a very well-written novel. I look forward to reading your next book. (Oh, and I will leave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.)

  4. Dear Sara

    All four of your Village Series books are on my Kindle and I have just read The Illegal Gardener followed immediately by Black Butterflies both of which produced tears of sadness and happiness rolling down my face. I have just started reading The Explosive Nature of Friendship and I can see already that it promises to follow the way the first two Village books so beautifully wrapped themselves around the lives of the characters of Juliet and Aaman, and Marina and her family.

    Having discovered and developed a great affection for the charm and beauty of the Greek Islands and their people, the culture and outlook on life in general (sadly a little late in life but anything good is always worth waiting for), I found it so easy to sink into the lives of the characters and their way of life, their struggles and their joy as each page unravels their individual stories.

    Whenever we are in Greece we like to find the quiet and peaceful places, make friends with the Greek people and, with our very limited Greek, spend time in their company. We have had so many lovely times and met so many lovely people, always loving and giving, such fun and so laid back.

    Good luck with renovating your farmhouse – how many cats have you adopted – we have cats also – always have done – and they are amazing little characters in themselves aren’t they.

    You are an amazing writer and I am insisting that my husband reads them as well – because I know he will love them as much as me. Are you writing any more books in the Village series? – I also have the Gypsy’s Dream lined up!

    Well I must stop wittering on, but really just had to let you how much I am enjoying your Village series books.

    Warm regards
    Maggi Galloway

    • Maggi,

      It’s so lovely to receive comments like yours! Greece and the Greek people are marvellous, and it’s never too late, as you say…

      I am writing more in the series, and will announce them here.


      ps. I’ve lost count of the number of cats…

  5. Hi Sara..when I saw the word Greece my attention was caught! I have a son who lives in Athens with his Greek wife and my four year old grandson. I live in Broadstairs and have just received the new issue of The Broadie where I read an article about you. I would be very grateful if you would send me a digital copy of your book The Illegal Gardener. Your life sounds very interesting, especially the farmhouse. Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to receiving it. πŸ™‚ Mary

  6. Hi Sara, I have now read all of your Greek series books and loved them all. My very favorites were the illegal gardener and your last one, the art of becoming homeless. I’ve travelled to Greece and fell in love with the island of Santorini and through your stories I’ve been transported back there again. I am so looking forward to book 6 of your Greek village series. Thank you for what you do and bringing us so much reading pleasure. Warm regards, Judy

    • Hi Judy,

      I am currently catching up with messages that for some reason have not been available for me to view. This one dates back a whole year! I hope in that year you have managed to find In The Shade of The Monkey Puzzle Tree, A Handful of Pebbles and most recently The Quiet Mind. If not PM me. Also I would love it if you would join me on Facebook that way I can keep you updated with new releases and, hopefully, you will not have to wait a year for a reply πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Sara

    I discovered your Greek VIllage Series accidentally and have been hooked since. I have recommended your books to all my friends who are in love with Greece (as I Am). Just finished the fifth and it is every bit as good! I feel as though I know the village and the characters have all become like friends. Please tell your Editor that we are all awaiting the sixth.Can’t wait.

    Thank you and keep writing.



  8. Sara,
    I love your Greek Village Series. I read The Gypsy’s Dream first ( I got it for free or for 99 cents for my Kindle through BookBub) and enjoyed it so much that I purchased the other five books for my Kindle. The Illegal Gardner was so sweet and touching. I love the characters in the books. They are so real. Your descriptive passages bring Greece to life. What island did you use as your inspiration? I’ve been looking on pictures of Greek fishing villages to try to find just the right picture as an example. I’m reading the Explosive Nature now. I can hardly put it down. It’s a good thing I’m retired so I can read all night if I want to! I hope there will be more books in this series.
    Thank you so much!
    Gayle Hopkins
    Wentzville, Missouri

    • Hi Gayle, I am so glad you are enjoying the series. Number 7 in the collection has just been released – A Handful of Pebbles and it is getting amazing reviews.

  9. Sara! I just finished A Handful of Pebbles yesterday and now I am aching to read more about the village, so I hope in your spare time you are writing it for me! πŸ™‚

    Your books are so beautifully written…lovely stories, true characters. And, you have given me quite the itch to visit Greece! My fingers are crossed that I will get there one of these days and run across some of your characters!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I am so thrilled you enjoy this latest offering. I trust you have read the series before A Handful of Pebbles? Let me know.
      I too hope that one day you get to Greece, it really is an exceptional country. So many people feel that they have ‘come home’ when they reach Greek soil – which is a very interesting phenomenon.

      • Hi, Sara! I always wanted to write, but, sadly, I don’t think I would be very good! I always start off very excited, thinking all sorts of thoughts that I try to get down on paper, and then I lose steam along the way and delete everything! So, I will just leave the writing up to you, and I will happily sit back and read!
        xx Cheryl

      • Funny you should say people felt they have “come home”. I too felt that way on my first of 2 visits to Greece in 2005. My mother is first generation American from Greece. Her father came to the U.S. in the early 1900’s and only returned to get a bride. Her family never returned until we went on her 80th birthday and my 50th. Those were the exact words I said when I got there. The sounds, smells, tastes were all so familiar to me, even more so than my mother interestingly enough. We returned in 2010 on her 85th birthday, wheelchair and all. She is now 89 and her traveling days are over. I, on the other hand, plan on returning soon!!

        I love your books and I’m will be downloading the remaining 3 from Amazon.

        Thanks Sara –

  10. Hi B&M,

    My advice, if you want to write, is to just do it, and don’t read back over what you’ve written! Keep going…

    If I write and then read back over what i wrote yesterday I get stuck on that and never move on.

    The first draft is rough, but that’s fine. The most important thing is to finish the manuscript (or short story, or whatever). Most authors never finish the first draft.

    Someone once said to me, that if you can talk, you can write, and it’s true. Think about how you would relate a story to your best friend, and write that down.

    Hope that helps, even if just a little bit…


  11. I am on book 4 of the Greek Village series, and I feel that I have spent a month in Greece! I can taste the giros, smell the oranges, and feel the heat of the sun on the dusty roads. I’m in love with Mitkos and Stella and Juliet and Abby and all the rest. Each book in the series gets better and better. The most lovely thing about reading is being transported to another place, and I thank you for making this sleepy little village so real. You have a wonderful talent! The only thing wrong with the series is that I am already dreading reaching the end! WRITE FASTER!! LOL

  12. Hi Sara, just want to say have been reading a lot of your books in Greek Village series and love them. Have just finished The Unquiet Mind, not sure if I have missed any will have to go through them all, but cant wait to read the next one. My husband and I used to love going on holiday to Greece, but my husband is ill so have not been for four years and miss it so much and looks like my husband will be able to travel in the future so your books let me visit Greece I just get so involved in the village. So thank you so much for your beautiful stories Jeannie

    • Hi Jeannie, Thank you so much! I think it is a win win situation as I love to write them, so much sometimes that I get cross as ‘real life’ demanding some of my attention!! I hope you husband feels better soon and that you can return.

  13. I have just finished reading “Being Enough”, and like tall the others in The Greek Village Stories, I have loved it!
    I cannot wait for the next story to be published.
    I fancy myself as a writer of a similar sort of genre of stories, not set in Greece, but somewhere in West Yorkshire, where I know best, but featuring the people I know best there.
    I never seem to progress past chapter two or three, though. Meanwhile I am thoroughly enjoying the Greek Village Series of stories and reading a new one is like meeting up with old friends again!
    Do, please, keep these lovely stories coming!
    Sincerely Jen. M

    • Hi Jenifer. The real trick to writing a book is to keep writing to the end. Don’t look back as you go, don’t re-read, don’t edit until you have reached he finishing line. If that fails juts enjoy reading!!! xxxx

  14. Hi Sara,
    For the past 19 years I have been visiting Greece whenever I make the long flight from Australia to Europe. My husband and I made 5 trips to many islands and the Peloponnese but always ended up in Sifnos which was the first island we visited as I was a potter and he a geologist. He died suddenly 7 years ago and I have continued to visit Sifnos 4 more times. In 2010, 6 months after his death, I took some of his ashes to Sifnos and spread them in an old silver mine at Ayios Sostis where he loved to explore. My last trip was in 2014 but I have sadly decided that it will probably be my last as I am now 72 . Uncertain financial and security conditions in Greece make it too worrying for me to travel there alone. I have many friends on Sifnos but getting through Piraeus is the obstacle. I have just read the first 14 of your books on my Kindle and it is a great panacea for my nostalgia for a land where I strangely feel right at home. I can see many similarities in your characters to people I know in Sifnos and it is wonderful to vicariously immerse myself in island life. I have bought books 15 to 17 which I am hoping will not be your last as they are keeping Greece alive in my soul. I raise my glass of Mavrodaphne to you Sara and thank you so much .
    Best Regards
    Rosie O’Hearn
    Townsville ,Queensland

    • Dear Rosie,
      It sounds as if you have a wonderful time with your husband. Sifnos is a lovely island but, I think, where ever you go in Greece there is something about the country that seems to bury itself under your skin. So my guess if even if you never visit again a little bit of Greece will always be with you. It is not something you can shake off easily. I am glad The Greek Village series is bringing you pleasure. I have several more stories ready to write and I am sure whilst I am writing them more will come to me. Greece is such an inspiration.
      Thank you so much for writing to me.

      • Thank you so much for your understanding reply Sara. My grandmother was Sophia and we called our grandfather Papa so maybe I have Greek roots there somewhere. I am so glad you are writing more Greek village stories.

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