MarmeladeIt’s orange season again, and the fruits are hanging heavy and ripe on the trees…

Here’s a great recipe for marmalade!


2 kilos oranges
3 lemons
1.5 kilos sugar (approx.)

1. Wash and boil the oranges and lemons whole for 50 minutes
2. Drain the fruit, and when cold cut them open and discard the pips and the pith
3. Cut the peel into small pieces. You can use a blender at this stage, but leave chunks – don’t blend the oranges to a mush!
4. Weigh the fruit again and add to it the same amount of sugar; approx. 1.5 – 2 kilograms
5. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees C
6. Bake the mixture in a large baking tray for 90 minutes

Spread on your toast and enjoy!!

4 thoughts on “Marmalade!!

  1. Wow Sara, this sounds an interesting recipe!! I have never heard of baking the marmalade, just boiling it on the stove top .I will definitely be trying this as I have just this week bought a box of oranges, though not as good as Greek grown!!

    Bev Hull

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