The Greek Village Jigsaw Puzzle!!

They’ve arrived

Box400I have three cartons of boxes of jigsaw puzzles in my living room, featuring a lovely hand-drawn map of the village.

The puzzles are 500 pieces, and will let you see where all your favourite characters from the Greek Village live!

There’s a limited number, but if they prove popular I’ll get some more made up.

If you want a puzzle, please refer to the table below. Payment can be made to the following PayPal account:, and I’ll post out your puzzle on receipt of payment.

Prices and postage below:

Price Postage Total
UK £15 £3 £18
Europe €20.50 €9.50 €30
USA $23 $15.30 $38.30

Postage to the USA is very expensive!!! Sorry about this, but it’s just what it costs me to send…

If you have any problems with PayPal please email me at

9 thoughts on “The Greek Village Jigsaw Puzzle!!

  1. Ordered, many thanks for this wonderful idea Sara. Hope you get my order ok. Please advise any problem. Love Valerie x

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  2. Would have loved to buy one but with the exchange rate as it is about R1000 per jigsaw is way out of my range. Plus sending a postal parcel to South Africa can be very dicey. Sorry.

  3. My Son and daughter-in-law will be taking a trip to her home town – Naples, Italy next spring. Would it be any cheaper to ship the puzzle to Naples, instead of the USA? They usually have room in their suitcases on the way home after visiting her family

      • I will have to wait until January to place an order — most of my free money went to purchase Christmas gifts for my family. Thank you responding to my question about postage cost to send to Naples, Italy.
        May you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

  4. Hi Sara. I look forward to spending the next few months trying to put the puzzle together! Best wishes for Christmas & 2016. Terry.

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