Where Have You Been in Greece?

Continuing with the map theme, here’s an interactive map on which you can tell the world where you’ve visited in Greece, and what you liked about it!

Feel free to add your name, tell us when you visited, post a photo etc…

Please respect other peoples’ markers, and don’t edit them…

To edit the map, click the icon top right on the map that looks like this:LargeMap

The map will open in a new window, and you can click ‘Edit’.

To add a marker, click the icon that looks like this:marker

Then click the right place on the map. You can zoom in and out to get to the right place first).

Once you have clicked the map and placed your marker, you can change the title (add your name) and the description (add a message about the place where you live).

If you have any difficulty please put a comment below.

Don’t worry if you mess up – it’s just a bit of fun!!


8 thoughts on “Where Have You Been in Greece?

  1. Sorry Sara, can’t figure out how to do this but I have been to Kassiopi in Corfu, Ag Nikolaos Crete, Thessaloniki and Athens (when you could still wander all over the Parthenon) and loved them all!

  2. Those of you who have travelled to several islands, which was your favorite and why? Planning my trip, need some input. Thanks! Tonni

    • At the moment the map is only available by doing the jigsaw……..however, I will be bringing out a Greek Village Handbook which will have a map and so much more.

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