Where are the Readers…?

Here’s a bit of fun!! The map on this page is interactive, and YOU can edit it! It’s purely optional of course, but you are invited to add a marker to the map to indicate where in the world you are.

Please include your name (first name at least) and the name of the town where you live, and a polite message if you want to.

Please respect other peoples’ markers, and don’t edit them…

To edit the map, click the icon top right on the map that looks like this: LargeMap

The map will open in a new window, and you can click ‘Edit’.

To add a marker, click the icon that looks like this: marker

Then click the right place on the map. You can zoom in and out to get to the right place first).

Once you have clicked the map and placed your marker, you can change the title (add your name) and the description (add a message about the place where you live).

If you have any difficulty please put a comment below.

Don’t worry if you mess up – it’s just a bit of fun!!

20 thoughts on “Where are the Readers…?

    • Once on the map page click on the four tiny corners that almost make a square next to my picture top right.
      The page will refresh. Then click ‘edit’ in the white box.
      The page will refresh again and under the search box there is an upside down tear, a droplet. Click this and when you move your cursor it will now be a cross, place this cross where you home is. Once you have click it will give you have a choice to ‘save’. Once you have ‘saved’ it gives you a choice to ‘edit’ and then you can edit to put your name in.

  1. I couldn’t get the edit box either 😦
    I’m EKawamura from Kapolei, Hawaii
    LOVED 1 and 3 and am online trying to buy the rest of the collection/series at once to save on shipping.

  2. Ιt seems that in android the Map doesnt work the same way. Anywya, with love from Dany Szentkiraly Hungary (from Mary and Akos a greek-hungarian couple)

  3. Hello Sara, unfortunately I cannot put my marker on the map either. I’ve just finished Book No 5 and while I have never been to Greece, your characters and descriptions of Greece have made me more determined to see it for myself. I’m enjoying your books in Kings Langley NSW Australia. Many thanks for the hours of enjoyment so far. Chris Collins

  4. I had to login to Google to be able to edit the map but I couldn’t see how to change the blob to another icon as a marker 😉😉📚

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