The Unquiet Mind – Book 8 of the Greek Village Collection

Yanni has lived all his life in semi isolation, on the ridge at the top of the island, with only his parents and their herd of goats for company.

But when the family’s donkey dies, the burden rests on him to make the journey over to the mainland to buy a new one…

Reluctantly, and fearing he will not be able to cope with the wider world, Yanni resolves to make the trip, and in doing so to face his own demons.

One hope spurs him on, and that is the chance of being reunited with Sophia, his childhood sweetheart who was sent away to the mainland at an early age, and whom he has not seen or heard from since.

Will Yanni be able to find Sophia, and will she even remember him?

Once again Sara Alexi spins a masterful yarn that delves deep into the heart of more characters from the Greek village, and exposes more of what it means to be human, and fallible…

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2 thoughts on “The Unquiet Mind – Book 8 of the Greek Village Collection

  1. Thank you Sara, I read the I read TheUnquiet Mind awhile back so may not remember everything. I just read the epilogue you sent and I see Yanni found Sophia. Is there another book just about them or will there be another book.

    • Hi Cheryl, Yanni and Sophia are a couple I like very much. They do re-appear in what will be book 16 of The Greek Village series when it is published (Feb/March 2016) but that aside I would like to know their future story too so I can imagine returning to tell more of their tales.

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