A Handful of pebbles – Book 7 in the Greek Village Collection

3d-CoverA Handful of Pebbles follows Sarah who travels to the village in Greece for the wedding of her youngest son.

But Sarah’s own marriage is strained, and now that her children have grown up and left home she finds herself questioning her role of wife and mother.

Meeting up with her best friend Michelle, who is also over for the wedding, and whom she has not seen for years adds a further dimension, and why does Sarah feel so unsettled in the presence of Nicolaos, the shepherd who she seems to keep bumping into ..?

Praise for A Handful of Pebbles

– ‘This was an emotional book, of loss and regret and of the chance to change things and make a new start.’

– ‘This story is so rich in content that you really feel for the characters and go on a journey with them. I am starting my own collection of pebbles ! A must read for anyone, anytime or anyplace.’

– ‘This is Sara Alexi’s seventh book in the ‘Greek Village Collection’ and is as good if not better than the first one! (No need to read in order.) The story is about loss, regret and the belief that you can be whoever you want to be…’

– ‘Excellent writer , excellent book’

– ‘This is one of those books where you just don’t want it to end.’ – Micheal Finlayson (Amazon top 1000 reviewer.)

– ‘Her storytelling is so good it is easy to ignore the depth of her characterisation,’

– ‘After reading this I have to say the Greek Village Series just gets better and better.’

– ‘Was enthralled by the twists and turns; particularly at the end.’

– ‘The Characters, the descriptions and the whole atmosphere that Sara Alexi provides, a truly great storyteller.’

– ‘This book is one giving hope to many who think their life, as it is, is all there is. It made me very reflective of my own life and left me wondering…’

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