In The Shade of The Monkey Puzzle Tree – Book 6 in The Greek Village Collection.

Mid-life brings problems. For Theo it makes him wonder if there is more to the world than the small village where he has lived all his life and, if there is, how far he needs to go to find it. The path he takes results in an unexpected journey that challenges his perception of everything he knew to be true.


‘The struggle of a Man to move out from the shadow of his father and make his mark in the world.’

‘This is the most satisfying book I have read in some time’

‘ The stories take you away from grey skies into a wonderful setting of sunshine, but most of all fabulous story telling.’

‘In The Shade Of The Monkey Puzzle Tree is a warm, rich read. I plan to seek out other novels in the The Greek Village Collection’

‘I devoured this book not wanting to put it down.’

‘I cannot recommend enough this new and lovely tale.’

‘A good portrayal of emotions and the sense of right and wrong. A really good read and the ending not as I expected.’

‘A very unusual story and possibly the best in this ‘village’ series of books by Sara Alexi.’

‘Sara Alexi has the ability to suck you into the character’s lives with such a force, you feel sad when the last page has turned.’

‘I loved Sara Alexi’s style of writing, you never know what’s coming next. She has a great talent for making you angry, sad, happy, frustrated and disgusted at the characters she has created.’

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