Who Would Have Thought? – Sara Alexi

Last July, 2012, I said to a “proper” writer ‘Hey I have had this idea for a book it goes like this…’
He replied ‘It is too it was tricky to write someone else’s ideas why don’t you write it yourself.
Then came my excuses.
Bottom in English at school.
Can’t even write a shopping list.
But my partner said why not, so I tried. It took just over a month.
As I write this the book I wrote ‘The Illegal Gardener’ has been in the top 20 of Literary Fiction on Amazon.co.uk for over 8 weeks. Two whole months!

It is now at Number Eleven in Literary Fiction on Amazon.co.uk and I am staggered.

UPDATE – The Illegal Gardener is now at number 8!! I am just speechless.

UPDATE of the update. The Illegal Gardener stayed in the to twenty of Literary Fiction on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com for ten months and stayed in the Greece section in the number one slot both here and in America for a year. Two year later it is still at number one having just pushed my eighth release in the series to one side.
There are now talks in Canada to turn The Illegal Gardener into a film.

I wait to see what time will tell.

If you bought this kindle book thank you so much.
If you haven’t bought it, go on, give it a nudge, maybe you will be part of the discovery of the next big thing in the literary world! Who knows, life is a funny thing! If I can write a book then anything is possible.

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