Just a Load of (Compressed) Hot Air? – Sara Alexi

Watching the battle for e-readers between The Kindle, The Nook, IPad mini, Kobo and so on had convinced me that compact readers were a relatively newly invented idea.
However there are claims that as early as 1949 Angela Ruz invented the first e-reader using pressurized air. She was inspired to invent the gadget to relieve her pupils from carrying heavy book, a call way beyond her duties as a teacher, stepping far over the job description line.
She patented the machine and a prototype was made which can still be seen in National Museum of Science and Technology in La Coruña.
In 1949 very few women were taken seriously if they did invent anything so for Angela Ruz to be recognized for her achievement makes her even more outstanding.
But what I love most is she patented this idea at the age of 52. This is an age when we could easily settle down and say we have done what we have done and hope that there will still be pensions when we retire.
I only wish I had had her foresight and started writing books in 1949, apart from being a miracle of writing before my actual birth it would mean I would have written 384 books if I had kept up at the pace I am writing now. Which wouldn’t even touch the the 700 Dame Barbara Cartland wrote in her life time or the 1794 books Enid Blyton wrote in hers.
Which makes me wonder if maybe I should invent a speedy writer. I wonder if they sell compressed air at Tesco’s?

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