Dangerous Assumptions – Sara Alexi

I am at the stage of writing a new book when the characters have taken hold of me but their story is not clear yet. So I have been staring out of the wind to the mercury sea hoping the plot will rush upon me effortlessly. Between me and sea are poplars and in these poplars parrots dwell. Green ones. They are a lovely distraction and take up more of my time then they should.

Having watch them often they seem to act with a sense of partnership and intelligence which lead me to wondering about the phrase ‘Bird-brained.’

African Gray parrots brains are the size of a walnut, but so too, they say, are cats. Both can live happily with humans but only one can talk so how ‘bird-brained’ are they .

I found this fascinating video that will change my view of the green parrots in the trees outside my window forever.

In fact now I am wondering how I can befriend them so I can casually ask them for some plot ideas.

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