Black Butterflies – Book 2 in The Greek Village Collection.


The Illegal Gardener (The Greek Village Series, #1)

Book Two in the Greek Village Collection

Marina is a gentle soul who makes a modest living in her corner shop in the village.

Her husband, Manolis, died years ago, and her children have grown up. She is surrounded by people she grew up with and life is pleasantly predictable, if a little dull.

But not even her daughters know that thirty five years ago Marina spent a lonely summer on an island, and the events that occurred have haunted her ever since. Now Marina’s daughter is planning to move to the same island and the past and present threaten to collide with dreadful consequences.

Black Butterflies follows Marina reluctantly revisiting the island and the emotions of the past. And she has a plan, of sorts… will she be in time to avert a possible tragedy?

Sara Alexi’s second book is packed with a troupe of colourful characters intertwining in a gripping story.

By turn uproariously funny, touching or sad this book is the stuff of which all families are made. Hopes, fears, secrets and misunderstandings beset relationships. Discovery and acceptance bridge a divide.

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